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What is mindensync?

The mindesync service is a cloud based integration platform to bridge webshops and eCommerce systems: to synchronize data between them real-time and to integrate and automate their workflows.

You can create and manage integrations between your systems, using an interactive dashboard, simply and quickly trough a few clicks, no coding skills required. (The interactive dashboard is under construction, so in the mean time our developers will do it four you.)

When connection is created, our service will start moving and synchronizing the business data between your systems. You can rest knowing that your webshops and business software will be working with up to date information in 7/24 without you having to touch them.

You should be using our service

  • To save time, money, effort, and pointless worries.
  • Because it is a continous, safe, efficient, and reliable service.
  • To avoid data losses.
  • To escape vendor-lockin. You can painlessly switch systems.
  • To get your webshop and other business apps integrated without hiring a developer.
  • To setup an integration with a few clicks, and then lean back and watch how we fill invoices for you, collect customer data, update stocks, etc. automatically for you.
Automate your webshop now!
14 days of free trial